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20 April 2022

Hello friends,

Sigh. I'm looking into Hugo and Eleventy as static site generators to tinker with. I briefly played with the latter in 2020 when I was last trying to get my head around them. I think on paper they are what I need to be using. But it all comes apart when I try and learn all the new sub-parts that I need to get my head around to make it all work.

One new function, technology or command would be okay, I think - but having to suss out a few different things all at once is a bit much.

On the brighter side of things, I continue to learn new things about all this sort of nonsense.

I was following a tutorial for something adjacent to all this, and it quietly mentioned opening a new terminal window to enter a command. Holy shit. Mind blown. I had NO IDEA you could open a second terminal window. Well, maybe I did... I do recall seeing you could have separate tabs in the terminal on Chrome OS... But it never occurred to me - even when running 'top' to check resource usage, when I wondered how I was meant to do anything else in the terminal while this fullscreen app was running. Silly me. It's almost as though you can multitask in Linux...

Anyway. Learning new stuff is fun. I just find it easier learning it in small, chewable chunks.

That's all for now. I'm going to watch some tutorial videos and see if anything else sticks better that way.