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This is where
The address would go
In a real

20 April 2022

Dear friends

A week has passed since my last note - my excuse is we've had a long weekend for Easter. This meant lots of nice things like food, drink, and little satisfying jobs around the house and garden. The good weather also meant time spent outdoors, and that included a long walk along the coast, and a bike ride to Parkrun. All in all a rather active long weekend.

Naturally it means I haven't done much on this new design. But I've thought about it from time to time. I re-read some static site generator tutorials to see if that's what I want to do.

Part of me feels like just building a site using only what I know already - or what I have known since about 2010 (and more realistically what I have known since about 2002). It's familiar. It's just enough to get along with and achieve what I want. And it's nostalgic and cosy and 'fine'.

But another part of me thinks I should use this opportunity - this burst of enthusiasm - as fuel to learn more, and to expand my knowledge into how things can be done today. So that's things like using static site generators, rather than standalone pages that I must update with find and replace. Hmm.

Some things to consider, then. I also need to make sure that while I do use this as an opportunity to learn and to build, that I do also use it to do THIS - write down my thoughts. After all, that's the whole point in wanting to make a site like this, particularly using the letter format.

I get lost in signals and signs all the time. Am always hunting in the white noise for the signals. Perhaps that's just human nature? Identifying things and learning enough to pick them out.

But really: birdsong, stars, species of trees and other flora, radio signals, niche websites... I'm just constantly finding a field to be interested in (sometimes a literal field, lol!), and then trying to figure out how to learn more to identify things within it.

Ramble ramble. Someone's had their coffee this morning haven't they? Over and out.

Talk to you later, perhaps,