letter five



This is where
The address would go
In a real

12 April 2022

Dear friends,

Well, now. Not only have I sussed out uploading files using neocities' command line functions, but I've managed to add a 'typewriter' font, which I love, and a subtle(???) box-shadow and hover effect, hopefully making my letters look like sheets of paper. I love it so far. It's getting so close to what I had in my head.

Even if I drop all of this in a few days, I'll still be so satisfied with what I've achieved here. It's not taken long, and it's been a combination of coming up with a concept, googling how to do it, borrowing code and tweaking it until it does what I want, and doing all this using a tool and environment that's both new and familiar to me. It's great.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you're enjoying the ride.

Your pal,