letter two



This is where
The address would go
In a real

11 April 2022

Dear friends,

This is a letter. It has writing in it written by me to be read by you. If you're reading this: it worked. Well done both of us.

Well, that's all I have to say for this letter. Thanks for reading.

All the best, peesee

Pee Ess!

In the process of testing the page - and moving my freshly-minted style code from inline inside the DIV tag into its new home in my style.css stylesheet - I found that I had to force-refresh the bloomin' style.css file before the page would display correctly. What?! I guess I get that webpages sometimes need to be force refreshed, and that a browser probably shouldn't call on style.css every time... But come on, now. Anyway: lesson learned.